Judith Feick
Embracing a love of the arts and crafts, Judith was motivated to develop skills in cross stitch, embroidery, candle wicking, candle making, flower arranging, herbal soaps and bath salts, dried flowers, scherenschnitte, calligraphy, watercolor painting, wall painting techniques and jewelry. Judith received formal instruction from accomplished artists in several of these disciplines. For ten years, she hosted a monthly television show on Berks Community Television, highlighting arts and crafts in Berks County. Some time shortly before the millennium however, she decided to focus this wide variety of skills on her passion for jewelry, which dated to her Wilson High School years, when she produced and sold bracelets.

In addition to the diverse background in the arts and crafts, her creations also benefit from her travel experiences. Visits to Mexico, California, the Midwest, the Canadian Provinces of Ottawa and Nova Scotia, the Caribbean and other locations provided Judith with a very inspirational and comprehensive understanding of and appreciation for the nature of various beads and jewelry components, as well as the cultures that have influenced the artistic nature of jewelry making for centuries.

Occasionally, she is privately commissioned to repurpose heirloom jewelry creating one of a kind memory pieces. In recent years, however, her small business, Jewelry Creations by Judith Feick, has favored specializing in consignment sales. This development has provided an opportunity for her to work one-on-one with boutique owners as far away as Memphis, TN, where her creations are designed to accent the beautiful garments and current fashion trends. Pantone colors, selected by top fashion designers each spring and fall, significantly influence her work. Judith takes pride in that she does not want to mass produce jewelry; “each piece is unique and fun for me to create and that is how I want it to continue.”
About David, an introduction by Judith

David has segued his recent retirement into a chance to pursue his twin passions of gardening and photography.


Our beautiful plants, vegetables, and blooms festoon our yard in such a riot of color, one can't help but draw inspiration from them.  He's designed a beautiful place for us here and we've enjoyed working on it together to help it grow.

David's fascination with photography has been a lifelong pursuit and one at which he excels.  From family photos, to landscapes, to architectural compositions, his keen eye and natural gift for composition render such lifelike moments they are a joy to behold.

Though he chooses not to sell his photographs, he enjoys showing them with others at local art festivals and of course with family and friends.  He lends his talents by offering photos both for the website as well as our correspondence, marketing materials, and show submissions.

His many years experience as a principal of a local engineering firm have also been of invaluable assistance as the number of venues, and logistical challenges, of our business grow.  I couldn't ask for a better business partner – through our 45 years of marriage, we have complemented each other well.